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Adoption Application


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The form below is simply a way for us to gather some basic information about you used as a initial screening. In no way, shape, or form is this meant as an invasion of your privacy. This information is needed to begin the adoption process. If you prefer to give us this information over the phone or in person, please contact us at 254-547-6018.

Please fill out application, copy,cut and paste into an e-mail and send to  ( that's v v m )

CenTex German Shepherd Dog Rescue - Home

Full Name
Complete address (Street/City/Zip)
Daytime Phone #
Evening Phone #
Employed By :
Employment Duration
# of Adults in Home
# of Children in Home
Ages of Children
Ages of Children Visitors
Do all family members want a dog ?
What type of home do you live in ?
Do you rent or own your home ?
Is your yard fenced ?
Height and type of fence
List any current pets ( species, age and gender )
List any former pet and their current whereabouts
Name of your primary Veterinarian
Veterinarians Phone #
Any other Veterinarian(s) you have used withing the last 5 years
Reference # 1 Name
Reference # 1 Phone #
Reference # 2 Name
Reference # 2 Phone #
What role do you expect you new dog to fulfill ?
Who will be responsible for the dog's care
Where will the dog be kept during day/night
Are you familiar with Crate Training
Do you own a crate
If no, do you plan to acquire a crate
Describe previous dog training experience ( if any )
Will you take your dog to obedience training
Are you and your family prepared to be wholly responsible for a dog for 10 to 15 years
Are you and your family aware that caring for a large dog will be costly ( between $600 and $800 a year for food, veterinary care, toy's, training etc. )
What type of vehicle will you use to transport this dog
If using a Pick-up, where will this dog ride
Do you object to a homecheck conducted by one of our members
Which of our dogs has captured your interest ?
How did you hear about us

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Adoption Application