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Katie ( Kaitlin )


CenTex German Shepherd Dog Rescue - Home


Kaitlin is between 8 and 10 month old
She is spayed, up to date on her shots, microchipped, and on heartworm preventative. She will probably weigh around 65 - 70 pounds when full-grown.
Kaitlin, or Katie, as well call her, has a wonderful, outgoing personality, and gets along famously with people and dogs of all sizes and ages. She does not care for birds or cats, and chases them every chance she gets.
Katie is still learning to trust people again, but is coming along very nicely. She has discovered the joy of toys, and loves chasing a ball, and enticing other dogs to play with her.
We are working on basic obedience, and Katie is a quick learner. She would make a terrific addition to an active family. Katie is constantly on the look-out for new avenues to explore.