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CenTex German Shepherd Dog Rescue - Home

Senta is a  lively, playful puppy. She adores being fussed over and loved. Her favorite toy is a large blue Easter Bunny . She cuddles up to it and gently chews his ears.
She loves to play with the older dogs and is curious about cats.
She likes water and plays in the baby pool we have set up.
Initially shy with strangers, she warms up quickly. She is crate trained and almost housebroken.
Today she barked at the mailmen, who was quite surprised at the deep bark coming from a puppy. She has a nice voice :-) .
Senta turned 6 month old on the 27th of May.
Senta will need someone who is able to spend time with her, someone willing to provide her with the love ,care and attention  she so richly deserves and which was sorely lacking during the first few month of her short life.
She would make a wonderful companion to a slightly older dog.

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