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This girl has had a rough time and the scars to prove it. She is only about 1 - 1 1/2 years old, classic GSD, UTD on shots , HW Neg , on HW preventative and spayed. She weighed in at 65 pounds and will probably top out around 70 to 75 lbs .
She gets along with male and female dogs and seems to ignore cats.
Sarah will need a home with lots of love and extra attention, preferable a stay at home mom/dad.  Because of her bad experiences she tries to keep at a safe distance from people, but I am absolutely positive she will be a wonderful loyal companion for just the right person once she regains her trust in humanity.

CenTex German Shepherd Dog Rescue - Home

UPDATE: Sarah now greats us with a wagging tail.. We pretty much let her do whatever she wants. She follows us around, but always at a safe distance. All the doors are open and she can come and go as she pleases. Her crate is still her safe place, she retreats into it whenever she feels treatened by something or somebody. During the violent storm yesterday she joined the rest of the gang in the living room ( probably felt like we where the lesser of two evils ). The other dogs pretty much ignore her since she does not play yet.
UPDATE: Sarah has now been with us for 3 days and she is beginning to show marked improvement. She still keeps her distance but now she is actually starting to act like a happy puppy, playing with stuffed toys and capering after the other dogs. Not much interaction yet, but she is trying.
UPDATE: Sarah is coming out of her shell. She now plays tug-o-war and chase with the other dogs, barks at the fence and is really acting like she is beginning to enjoy life.

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