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Rocky is an 18 month old male Rottweiler . 
He is one of the dogs taken out of that Grooming Shop in Copperas Cove, Tx.
His owners were military and when the husband deployed they surrendered him to the shop owner/ rescuer who had promised Rocky a wonderful home in the country. Instead, she charged them a substantial surrender fee, stuck him in a crate and left him there, sitting in his own excrement, waiting for the highest bidder to come along. Poor Rocky spend the next 3 month waiting .
In late April the shop owner decided to leave this area and abandoned all animals, 40 + cats and 55 dogs, all under one year of age.
We were called in and rescued all animals .
Rocky has now fully recovered from his ordeal, mental and physical. He  weighs about 95 lbs now, has been neutered, is UTD on all vaccination, micro-chipped and eager to find his forever home.
He is a wonderful dog, sleek and well proportioned.  He is strong willed and will need someone used to handle large dogs.  He plays well with other dogs his size and would love to have a sister . He is extremely fond of his toys and sleeps with a stuffed bunny.
I would not recommend him to a home with small animals or young children.
He does not realize his strength and a dog his size in sheer exhuberance is capable of doing lots of damage without meaning to.

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