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CenTex German Shepherd Dog Rescue - Home

Ricky is a 6-7 month old Doberman mix. He is neutered, UTD on all shots, frontlined and on HW prevention.
His coloring is identical to his sister Rachel, wonderful glossy black and gorgeous mahogany with the white blaze on his chest. He is much taller than she, you can really tell the Doberman .
He loves to run and run and run.............
Rachel will outrun him though. By the time he has those incredibly long legs of his all lined up and going in the same direction, Rachel has already crossed the yard and laughs at him from the other side.
Ricky likes toys and plays tug-o-war.
We are working on basic commands.
Ricky would do very well in a very active household, he would make a terrific jogging  companion

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