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Adoption Info
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Adoption Information

CenTex German Shepherd Dog Rescue - Home

Please note, every applicant will be required to come to either Kempner, Tx or Dripping Springs, TX to meet any dog they are interested in adopting. Although we are open to adopting to families outside of the Central Texas area, we strongly suggest that you look into adopting from a rescue or shelter closer to where you live.

The fee for adopting any dog from us is $ 225
All monies received will be used to offset the cost of medical care (i.e. spay or neuter, all shots, Heartworm test, Heartworm prevention, Heartworm treatment if needed, flea and tick prevention ) , shelter and food .  In  9 out of 10  cases the adoption fee does not cover the actual expenses incured.

Donations are always welcome and deeply appreciated.

Our Adoption Process is as follows:

Once we receive your completed Adoption Application , your name will be given to a rescue volunteer who will contact you within 48 hours. After an initial conversation, our volunteer will make an appointment for a home visit, in order to get to know you and your family better, find out what sort of dog you are looking for and what your goals and expectations are for your new dog.

Our dogs are generally fostered for a number of weeks before becoming available for adoption. This gives us a chance to get to know the dog and evaluate its temperament and personality.

PUPPIES- Puppies are cute! Puppies are fun! However, puppies are lots of work, require a significant commitment to training and constant supervision. Puppies are destructive. Puppies can (and will) get into everything, are prone to teething/chewing on furniture, shoes and whatever is in reach, including arms & pant legs and digging for treasure in flower beds! It is not possible to know for sure what a small puppy is going to look like when it is grown or how big it will be. Because we know that every one of the abandoned adult dogs we rescue started as a cute irresistible puppy, our Adoption Volunteers are very particular about homes for our puppies.

This adoption process is designed to help us find the right home for each dog and the right dog for each adopter.

To begin the process, we invite you to fill out our on-line Adoption Questionnaire that will give us information about you and the kind of dog you are looking for.

You may also look at a copy of the Adoption Aggreement you will be asked to sign in the final stage of the Adoption.

Adoption Application

Adoption Contract

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Adoption Info