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Adoption Contract
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Copy of Adoption Contract

CenTex German Shepherd Dog Rescue - Home

CenTex German Shepherd Rescue
Austin - Temple - Killeen

CenTex German Shepherd Rescue , in consideration of the sum of $----- , the receipt of which is acknowledged by ---------- release the full responsibility and ownership for
(dogs name and MicroChip #, if available )--------------- to the undersigned
adopter. The undersigned adopter does hereby release and covenant to hold harmless CenTex German Shepherd Rescue and its members and officers from any claims, damages, costs or actions incured
as a result of this adoption or caused by the actions of the dog transferred herein.

The agreement relates to the following German Shepherd and adopter:

Descrption of German Shepherd

Name Sex

Approximate Age Color

Distinguishing Marks




Phone :
Home Fax Mobile


I,-------------------- , understand and agree to accept the following conditions and restrictions in order to be eligible to adopt the German Shepherd (hereafter referred to as the "dog" described above.

1.) Health: The dog will be placed on an inoculation program as prescibed by a licensed veterinarian in order to assure and maintain the health of the dog. The dog will receive rabies vaccination and be licensed in accordance with state and local ordinances and will wear an identification tag. The dog will be tested for heartworms and a heartworm preventative will be administered as prescibed by a veterinarian.

2.) Care: The owner accepts full responsibility for maintaining a reasonable level of care for this dog including water, grooming, adequate sanitation, exercise, attention, safety, humane treatment and shelter.

3.) Return: If for any reason I am unwilling/unable to keep this dog, CenTex German Shepherd Rescue must be contacted so suitable arrangements can be made to either return the dog to CenTex German Shepherd Rescue or to place the dog with another family, the latter only with written approval from CenTex German Shepherd Rescue .The adoption fee is non-refundable.

Signature ______________________________ Date _______________

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Adoption Contract

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