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CenTex German Shepherd Dog Rescue - Home
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Welcome to the CenTex German Shepherd Rescue Site!

Cen Tex German Shepherd Rescue is a all volunteer organization dedicated to finding wonderful homes for orphaned German Shepherd Dogs.
These dogs are taken into our rescue as owner surrenders, as strays through shelters and/or abuse or neglect situations.
Each dog in our program is evaluated for temperament and behaviour. We do not take nor do we help place aggressive dogs.
All dogs will be spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated and receive all necessary medical care prior to placing them in a loving home with a family that matches that dog's temperament, activity level and special needs, if any.


Rescue dogs Cora's and Max's way of dealing with the heat in Texas !!


Rescue dog Sassy taking a break from play !!

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CenTex German Shepherd Dog Rescue - Home

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We have numerous dogs for adoption at this time,  German Shepherds, AmStaffs , Rottweiler and several puppies ( mixed breed ).
Please contact me at 254-547-6018 for more info or send me an e-mail






PJ ( Poochy )

These dogs are the only ones left out of 55 taken out of an abandoned Grooming Shop in Copperas Cove. All others have found homes/rescues.
Won't you open you heart and home to one of these wonderful dogs ?
They have spend most of their young lifes in filthy, stinking crates, never  able to run, play and enjoy the soft touch of a kind human.
They all have recovered mentally and physically and are eager to find their forever homes.
Please give them a chance !!!!!!!!!!


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