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Boris     ADOPTED !!!!!!

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Boris is a 7 - 8 month old longhaired, largeboned , neutered male, who was turned over to the kill shelter, along with his sister Natasha. At this time, he weighs in at about 38 pounds, which makes him about 30 pounds underweight - nothing but skin and bones, the poor baby. He is happily consuming his 5 meals per day, and has already regained some of his natural exuberance. He has started to play with the other pups in between long naps. Boris has a wonderful happy-go-lucky attitude which has probably served him quite well in his short, difficult life. He will receive the rest of his vaccinations and be microchipped as soon as possible.
UPDATE:  Boris has exceeded all our expectations. He has developed into a  gorgeous example of what a young shepherd should be. Very intelligent and eager to please he has come a long way. He adores toys, people and treats ( not neccessarly in that order ) and gets along famously with other dogs. He will be a wonderful companion to any active person.