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Natasha     ADOPTED !!!!!

CenTex German Shepherd Dog Rescue - Home



Natasha was surrendered with her brother Boris at the shelter, who in turn called us. This poor pup was very near starvation. Being of small stature, she needs to gain around 20 to 25 pounds to reach her ideal weight of around 55 pounds. She has obviously been mistreated and is consequently very hesitant and timid in approaching humans. Natasha's mistrust of humans is deep-rooted and she will take a bit longer to bounce back and become the happy, loving and playful pup we know is hiding somewhere inside that scared, whipped puppy. She is about 7-8 month old, already spayed, and will receive her final vaccinations and be microchipped as soon as possible.
UPDATE:  Natasha has come into her own. She has figured out that humans can ( and will ) love her and is busy taking advantage of her status as the " Baby ". She manages to wriggle her way into any group and is quite insistent upon getting her fair share ( and more ) of attention, toys and treats.
Even though she is of small stature she shows the tendencies of an alpha female. She gets along fine with the males and will submit to my 14 year old female but tried to dominate my 2 year old female.
She is a joy to have around the house, helps with the house-cleaning by picking up shoes and clothing left on the floor by our son. She does not chew or tear anything, just moves things to where she thinks they should be, her crate :-).
Natasha seems to have buried the bad memories of her early puppyhood and is now ready for her new family.