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Adoption Application
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The form below is simply a way for us to gather some basic information about you used as a initial screening. In no way, shape, or form is this meant as an invasion of your privacy. This information is needed to begin the adoption process. If you prefer to give us this information over the phone or in person, please contact us at 254-547-6018.

On Line Adoption Application !


Copy and paste the following questionaire into an email, answer ALL the questions as thoroughly as possible, and send to mork@clearwire.netThis will constitute the interview part of your application. 

Adopter Information :


Street Address

City, State, Zip

Daytime Phone Number (include area code)

Evening Phone Number

E-mail Address

Primary Employer
How long have your worked for this employer?

Your Home and Family
How many adults in the home?
How many children in the home?
Ages of children
Please list any step-children, grandchildren, or other children who visit your home on a regular basis, along with their ages.

Do all the family members want a dog? 
What type of home do you live in? 
Do you own or rent your home?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Height and type of fence

List any current pets, including their species, age, and gender.

List any former pets you've had in the last 10 years, and what became of them.

Have you ever been investigated for animal cruelty? 
If yes, please list the city, county and state in which the investigation took place, as well as the details of the event, and the disposition of the investigation (no finding, prosecution, guilty plea, etc.).
Veterinary Reference
Veterinarian or Vet Clinic Name

Vet's Phone Number (include area code)
When did you use this vet, and with which pets?

Personal References (no family member reference allowed)
Reference #1
Name Reference #1
Phone Number
Relationship to Reference #1 
Reference #2
Name Reference #2
Phone Number
Relationship to Reference #2 
Interest In Adopting A Dog
Why do you want a dog? 
Does everyone in the family want a dog ?

Please explain in detail your idea of the dog that would best fit into your home and lifestyle.

Is there anyone in your home who might be adversely affected by a dog (allergies, phobias, etc.)?
Care and Training

Who will be primarily responsible for the care of the dog?

Where will the dog be kept during the day?

Where will the dog be kept at night?
Are you familiar with the use of a crate to train and/or confine the dog in your absence? 
Will the dog have the run of the house? 
Will the dog be tied outside and/or confined to the yard?

Do you own a crate (kennel, dog carrier)? 

Describe any previous dog training experience.

Will you take your dog to obedience training? 

How will you discipline your dog?

How will you exercise your dog, and what activities will you share?
What will you do with your dog when you go on vacation?
In the event of having a child/more children,  will you keep the dog ? 

If you must move, what will you do with your dog?

Are you prepared to be responsible for this dog for 10 years or more? 

Are you aware that costs for caring for a large dog will exceed $600 per year? (vet, licensing, food, toys, training, etc.) 
What heartworm preventative will you use? (required for adoption)

What steps will you take to control fleas? (fleas are dangerous to your dog's health)

We require that all dogs be spayed or neutered prior to adoption, or that a spay-neuter deposit be payed, and proof of operation submitted by you. Do you have any questions about this policy?

If you become unable to care for your dog for any reason, who will accept responsibility for its care?

In what type of vehicle will you transport your dog(s)?

If using a truck, where will the dog(s) ride?
Do you object to a homecheck conducted by one
of our members ?

We like to follow up on the welfare of our adopted dogs. May we call you or visit? 
Your Doggy Preferences

If you are interested in one of the dogs on our site, which one?

If you don't see a dog here for you, please give us some information on what you might be looking for.
Do you have any special needs or preferences with regard to the dog?

How did you hear about CenTex GSD Rescue ? 

If you remember the name of the group, website, or person who referred you, please let us know who it was.

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Adoption Application